Wednesday, 9 April 2014


After the busiest and most stressful 3 weeks I have ever experienced I am now (almost) on my 2 week holiday.  Try to get my head around controlled assessments and BTEC course work in by a deadline was overwhelming.  But thats all over, hopefully the people doing moderation won't be questioning my marking.  So, for the next few days my plans are to just sit on the sofa and watch How I Met Your Mother and the history channel, terribly exciting I know.

One question people in Canada seem to be constantly asking me is if I've picked up an accent.  I definitely have not picked up the accent since living here.  The students are always commenting on my pronunciation of common words and I'm still asking them to repeat themselves.

Here is the most adorable little accent in England (in my opinion).

Like a mownkay!

Saturday, 22 February 2014


Love, love, love bloglovin!

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Half term break

My goodness.  I can't believe how long its been since I last wrote something on here.  This is what the first year of teaching feels like.  Blink my eyes and three months have gone by. At times I feel as if I won't make it through this year.  Overwhelmed by the amount of paper work, finding my classroom management style, planning lessons, passing out tissues, and trying to inject some fun into a 50 minute year 7 geography lesson. I'm already half way done this first year and can't believe all that I've learned, and all that I have to learn still.

This half term break has been the most relaxing, and to some boring, break I've ever had. My boyfriend and I have stayed in most days, hanging out it jammies, messy buns, instant coffees and watching Canada kick ass at the Olympics.  I could not ask for more.  I know the other NQTs at the school are off in the Netherlands, Poland and Czech, and probably will find my break incredible dull or a waste, but its exactly what I need before I go back to lessons on Monday.  I was disappointed two weeks ago when everyone was booking flights and deciding what to do, but now I couldn't imagine doing anything else this past week.

A and I did go out a few times this week (we're not exactly the hermits I may have painted).  We went into Windsor twice this week.  When looking at places to live before we came over here I really wanted to live in Windsor.  It is beautiful, charming with narrow roads and lots of things to do and see. But, way out of our price range.

We visited the castle, my absolute favourite thing to do (I have a year pass to the castle).  I love going at different times of the year. Seeing the garden change throughout the year, different installations and just the ornateness of the place.
I know I'm not supposed to take pictures inside the rooms, but I couldn't help myself.  This room was beautiful. The wood panelling on the wall, the throne, the perfectly lined up chairs with the gold against the deep blue.  

A and I were supposed to go into London today, but there was some sort of problem with my pay from the agency, again, so I won't be paid until Monday, again.  Oh well, we did have fun this week and London is always only 30 minutes away.  Next weekends adventure!

Monday, 16 December 2013

A little about me

I called in sick today and thought it would be the perfect day to start documenting my adventure in the UK.  

I am a 26 year old teacher who has moved from Canada to the UK to teach key stage 3 and 4 geography.  With three days left until Christmas break, I realize i shouldn't have called in sick but I woke up this morning with a horrible migraine.  

So far, I have managed to get to Amsterdam (where my lovely boyfriend managed to get food poisoning) and a quick trip to Devon(where I had to chase my kiddies out of the pub).  So, from here on out I will be posting my weekly adventures and sharing stories about the little English kiddies I get to teach.