Wednesday, 9 April 2014


After the busiest and most stressful 3 weeks I have ever experienced I am now (almost) on my 2 week holiday.  Try to get my head around controlled assessments and BTEC course work in by a deadline was overwhelming.  But thats all over, hopefully the people doing moderation won't be questioning my marking.  So, for the next few days my plans are to just sit on the sofa and watch How I Met Your Mother and the history channel, terribly exciting I know.

One question people in Canada seem to be constantly asking me is if I've picked up an accent.  I definitely have not picked up the accent since living here.  The students are always commenting on my pronunciation of common words and I'm still asking them to repeat themselves.

Here is the most adorable little accent in England (in my opinion).

Like a mownkay!

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